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Tax Tip - Inherited Property

If you sell inherited property at a loss, you can deduct the loss on your tax return.

Better Thinking

Make sure that efforts to improve quality are driven by customer needs. You don’t improve quality unless you improve a product in a way that customers welcome and appreciate.

Combined Payrolls Can Produce Tax Savings

It’s not unusual for closely-held corporations to operate through more than one division and for key employees to be on the payroll of both.


Maintaining your books is one of the most time-consuming but important aspects of running a successful business. When done properly, an accurate system of accounting helps your business grow and increases your bottom line. This vital part of any operation is often mismanaged because most small companies lack the necessary resources.

For over 30 years, JCSmith has consistently provided Quality bookkeeping and accounting services to many growing companies.  JCSmith is dedicated to providing you with a clear financial snapshot of your business… allowing you to make the strategic decisions necessary to improve your operation’s profitability.
Here are some of the services that we will customize to fit your specific business needs:

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Accounts Receivable
Quarterly Reports
General Ledger
Balance Sheet Statements
Income Statements
Cash Flows 

“Our goal is to ensure that you can focus on what you do best and count on us to deliver Quality accounting and bookkeeping services in accordance with your schedule.”

Contact JCSmith today for a free consultation, we promise to make quality and experience count for you!


Throughout our 30 years in business, JCSmith’s Tax Management and Accounting Services have helped thousands of clients achieve their financial goals and objectives.

Our efforts have helped many individuals and companies save money on their present tax liabilities and make informed decisions regarding future undertakings. Our personable team works methodically to ensure that our clients get the maximum tax refund entitled.

Mr. Smith has extensive experience working with big corporations and accounting firms. In today’s business environment, the increased regulatory requirements for domestic and foreign operations demands greater scrutiny on tax accounting and reporting. We offer technical guidance on emerging developments that impact your financial functions.

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No one wants to be a company’s 50,000th client; especially when it comes to something as personal as ones taxes.

Choose a company with a track record of enthusiastically satisfied clients who rest comfortably knowing that they have a personal advocate whose always looking out for their best interest.

Choose JCSmith!

About JCSmith

Carl SmithJC Smith USA, LLC offers Accounting, Taxation and Business Consulting to individuals, corporations (Small Business), Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, Estates and Trusts.

Our history spans over 30 years. We have a global perspective along with experience in federal, state and local issues.  On this website, we will consistently publish articles on current accounting, taxation and financial trends, to help guide our clients as they perform their daily functions and to assist them in tactical and strategic planning.

We partner with our clients by providing the professional expertise that will assist them in achieving their desired goals. We take pride in the quality of our work and in ensuring that our clients are enthusiastically satisfied!

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Tax Tip – Inherited Property
Inherited Property

If you sell inherited property at a loss, you can deduct the loss on your tax return.

Example: Your parents leave you a house...

Better Thinking
Let your customers tell you what quality is.

Make sure that efforts to improve quality are driven by customer needs. You don’t improve quality unless...

Combined Payrolls Can Produce Tax Savings

It’s not unusual for closely-held corporations to operate through more than one division and for key employees to be on the payroll of both. If an employee’s combined...

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